Financial Planning

A Matter of Trust

Financial planners deal with one of the most personal and sensitive aspects of your life: Personal financial security.

As a result, trust is at the heart of a financial planning relationship - trust in the planner’s competence, integrity and objectivity, and trust that the planner will act first and foremost in your best interests.

This summary is meant to help you make a decision about using a financial planner and describe the high standards of conduct you can expect from a Certified Financial Planner licensee. Click here to learn more about the “CFP” mark which identifies individuals who are dedicated to the highest level of professionalism in providing financial planning advice.

Financial planning involves determining how individuals, business professionals, and owner/managers can meet their life goals through proper management of their financial resources. This broad-based approach to providing financial advice distinguishes financial planning practitioners from other professional advisors who typically focus on only one area of a person’s finances.

Security Through Financial Planning

A well designed financial plan will help you reach your personal financial goals and objectives and give you a greater sense of security.

Personal financial planning focuses on you as an individual, business professional, or owner/manager, — bringing together all the financial and psychological factors that have an impact on your life.

Many people call themselves financial planners, but the true professional financial planning practitioner uses the Total Financial Planning Process, which is made up of six distinct steps.

  1. Establishing a client—planner engagement
  2. Gathering client data and determining goals and expectations
  3. Clarifying the client’s present financial status and identifying problem areas and opportunities
  4. Developing and presenting the financial plan
  5. Implementing the financial plan
  6. Monitoring the financial plan

Learn more about the six steps click here 

The information contained in this commentary is designed to provide you with general information only, and is not intended to be comprehensive advice applicable to the circumstances of any individual. We strongly urge you to seek professional assistance before acting upon information included herein.

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